Assisted Living

Assisted living at Swanton Health Care and Retirement Center offers a unique blend of wellness, independence, dignity and quality of life. It is the perfect alternative for seniors who can no longer live on their own. We will make you feel at home in one of our 16 assisted living units which allow for three different levels of care based on individual needs. We are the perfect alternative for those seniors needing help with daily activities, such as bathing, dressing, taking medications, meal preparation, laundry or housekeeping. Whether minimal or more extensive care is necessary, we are able to provide all levels of assisted living care in the same room.

Assisted living entrance

All three assisted living levels of care include:

medication administration, housekeeping services, meals, snacks and daily enrichment activities. 

Level 1

provides all services above, along with assistance with 1-2 activities of daily living.

$109.00 per day

Level 2

provides all services above, along with assistance with 3-4 activities of daily living.

$123.00 per day

Level 3

provides all services above, along with assistance with 5 or more activities of daily living.

$136.00 per day

Activities of Daily Living include:

  • Bathing and Hygiene: bath, shower and grooming activities such as shaving and brushing teeth and hair
  • Dressing: choosing appropriate garments and being able to dress and undress, having no trouble with buttons, zippers or other fasteners
  • Eating: being able to feed oneself
  • Transferring and Mobility: being able to walk or if not ambulatory, being able to transfer oneself from bed to wheelchair and back
  • Continence: being able to control one's bowels and bladder, or manage one's incontinence independently
  • Toileting: being able to use the toilet
Assisted Living
Assisted Living 2

Residents may go out to see their own physician or may be seen in their room by one of our facility physicians. Medications, physician services, oxygen, labs and x-rays are provided at additional cost.

Residents may enjoy their meals in the privacy of their room or join other assisted living residents in our dining area. Most menu and bakery items are made from scratch. Meals are served restaurant style with many menu options available. The kitchen is open 24/7, so meal times are set by the resident.

Daily enrichment activities are available to keep residents involved and interactive with other residents, if they choose to participate.